• DMM and Insulation Tester Combo

    All the functions you need in one tool including multiple resistance ranges for insulation test levels and wireless capabilities.

  • True Measurements, Reliable Performance

    Provides features for advanced insulation tests including True RMS measurements with 1000V range, VFD mode, and three insulation modes.

  • Efficient Illumination and Rugged Design

    Equipped with bright LED worklights to illuminate test areas and targets, a multi-color LED display, and durable double-molded construction.

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IP Rating/Drop Test
IP 54, 2m (6.6’)
Compliance & Certifications
Limited Lifetime*
Connections & Communications
Bluetooth Range
10m (32’)
Operating Temperature
32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
99 internal storage locations
Measurement & Analysis
Max Range 10 mF / Basic Accuracy ±1.2%
Category Rating
CAT III-1000V, CAT IV-600V
Max Range 400.0Ω / Basic Accuracy ±0.5%
DC Voltage
Max Range 1000.0V / Basic Accuracy ±0.1%
Diode Test
Max Range 2V / Basic Accuracy ±0.5%
Earth Bond Resistance
Max Range 40Ω to 40KΩ / Basic Accuracy ±1.5%
Frequency [ACV]
Max Range 40kHz / Basic Accuracy +/- 5 digits
Insulation Resistance
Max Range 4M to 20GΩ / Basic Accuracy ±1.5%
Insulation Test Voltages
Max Range 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000V / Basic Accuracy ±3.0%
VFD AC Voltage
Max Range 1000.0V / Basic Accuracy ±1.5%
AC Voltage
Max Range 1000.0 V / Basic Accuracy ±1.5%
Battery Type
6 x AAA
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Export Restrictions

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