Wireless Concrete Curing Monitoring

intelliRock Wireless

Model: Wireless Base Station - Mini Antennae
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The intelliRock wireless system allows you to connect intelliRock loggers (including maturity, temperature, humidity, and precast loggers) of any configuration to a wireless, remote radio box to access data directly from your computer. The wireless base station connects to your desktop or laptop and communicates with loggers up to 20 miles away. Download data from intelliRock loggers directly into intelliRock software, straight from concrete placement. Start, stop, download, or read loggers, and generate reports.

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Decision-making information - straight to your desktop!

  • Real-Time Information

    Download data at any time to view current readings, make decisions, and streamline workflow.

  • Safety & Quality Assurance

    Avoid access to dangerous or inconvenient areas when downloading loggers. Quickly identify problems with real-time information.

  • Remote Communication

    Connect up to 8 loggers to a remote radio box; the wireless base station communicates with any number of radios.

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intelliRock Wireless - Model: Wireless Base Station - Mini Antennae

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