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MERLIN™ Intelligence Suite

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The MERLIN™ Intelligence Suite is an adaptive system for 380-HD and 380-HDc high definition imaging sensors that reduces operator fatigue while improving crew effectiveness. Features like MERLIN™ MTI let operators stay sharply focused on assessing small targets that can be easily overlooked in the flood of information provided by HD thermal imagery.

Search wider and detect faster from safer altitudes

  • Automatic Motion/Object Detection

    MERLIN recognizes movement within a scene at pixel levels based on user-configurable parameters, alerting operators immediately and eliminating tunnel vision.

  • Real-Time Embedded Video Analysis

    MERLIN analyzes every pixel and can cue off LSAs with enhanced sensitivity to provide instant target detection from longer range.

  • Expanded Effective Search Area

    Operators can search wider FOVs with better detection results so aircraft can safely cover more area faster from greater altitudes.

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MERLIN™ Intelligence Suite