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FLIR’s VCSEL-based Miniature Laser Illuminator (MLI) is designed for SWaP-sensitive platforms, including unmanned aerial vehicles and hand-held systems for military personnel. Available in 100 mW and 400 mW models at 808, 850, or 860 nm, the MLI is controlled through a serial port and can operate in both CW and QCW modes. Externally controlled brightness and pulsing are available. Because the MLI is an OEM component, FLIR can customize it to fit your specific requirements.

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  • Speckle-Free Illumination

    Uses proprietary Vertical-Cavity, Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology

  • Low Divergence Beam

    Improved eye-safety from VCSELs over conventional laser diodes

  • Low SWaP, High Power

    Designed for SWaP-sensitive platforms, the FLIR CLI products provide speckle-free illumination through use of FLIR’s proprietary VCSEL technology in passively cooled compact packages.

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Class IIIB Laser
Output Laser Power
Beam Divergence (illuminator mode)
Imaging & Optical
850 nm
Power Efficiency
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Export Restrictions

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