Driver Vision Enhancement System

PathFindIR II

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PathFindIR II is a powerful thermal night vision system that helps you clearly see road hazards in total darkness, and it will alert you to nearby vehicles, people, and animals. Headlights typically illuminate about 450 feet straight ahead, but PathFindIR II detects heat without a need for light, allowing you to see up to four times farther down the road. You’ll have visibility through dust, smoke, or fog, and better capability to avoid an accident.

Take Thermal Night Vision on the Road

  • See clearly in total darkness

    Poor night visibility and bright oncoming headlights won’t stop you from seeing road hazards with PathFindIR II.

  • Drive more safely

    Detect hazards over four times farther away than with headlights, giving you more time to react to avoid an accident.

  • Rugged for all weather conditions

    Hermetically sealed and IP69-rated for protection against water, dust, and cold weather.

ECU Dimensions
5.8" × 4.3" × 0.9" (148 × 110 × 24 mm )
ECU Weight
0.7 lb (350 g)
Field of View
24° (h) x 18° (v)
Spectral Band
8-14 microns (LWIR)
Camera Dimensions
2.6" × 3.4" × 3.2" (60 × 86 × 82 mm )
Camera Weight
0.6 lb (300 g)
Connections & Communications
Environmental & Approvals
Operating Temperature
-40°C to 80°C
Weather Resistance [Camera]
Hermetically Sealed, Automotive Qualified
Weather Resistance [ECU]
Non-Hermetic; Passenger Compartment mount required
High-Impact Resistant Optic w/ Built-in Automatic Heating Element Replaceable Window
Imaging & Optical
Sealed Design
IP69 rated, hermetically sealed providing extra insurance in all weather conditions
Sensor Type
320 x 240 Uncooled Microbolometer
Power Consumption
2 W (6 W w/heater on) 1.8 A max. system current
Power Requirements
12 VDC

PathFindIR II