Geo-Pointing Module(GPM)

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Once configured, it the PTU accepts geo-coordinates over the built-in Ethernet/IP interface and automatically commands the pan-tilt to aim at the corresponding location. This is a powerful capability that greatly simplifies systems integration and allows efficient coordination of multiple sensors and systems. Several cameras/sensors can be easily commanded to look at a single position by simply sending the same GPS command to all pan-tilt units. With geo-pointing, pan-tilts can be controlled from any geo-spatial or map-based user interface (e.g., Google Earth).

  • Automatic pointing with GPS coordinates

    Streams of target geo-coordinates can be sent to the pan-tilt unit allowing tracking/following of targets to keep them in the field-of-view.

  • Simplifies System Integration

    Geo-pointing control greatly simplifies system integration and improves system modularity and performance. New geo-pointing-equipped pan-tilt units can be added to the system with little or no change to system logic.

  • General Ethernet/IP interface to any pan-tilt

    The geo-pointing module must be configured with the position of the pan-tilt unit in geo-coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude, and 3D orientation). The latitude, longitude and altitude of the pan-tilt unit are entered manually using the GPM/pan-tilt web interface (e.g., using a hand-held GPS unit to measure the installed pan-tilt unit position).

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Geo-Pointing Module(GPM)