Portable, Long-Range, Pan/Tilt Multi-Sensor with Spotlight


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The Ranger MS-LRTI™ deterrence system builds on the impressive capabilities of the Ranger MS-UC DefendIR™. Equipped with a day/low-light CCD camera and cooled InSb thermal imager, the Ranger MS-LRTI adds a high-power spotlight to detect, deter and temporarily disorient intruders. The 12 million candlepower spotlight can illuminate trespassers within a one-mile radius. With continuous thermal optical zoom, the Ranger MS-LRTI meets the requirements for any mission, from wide-area surveillance to long-range threat identification.

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  • Maximize Threat Detection and Assessment

    Overlay visible camera video onto 640x512 cooled thermal imagery with continuous 2° to 30° FOV optical zoom in real time.

  • Non-lethal Deterrence

    The Illuminator’s 12MCP spotlight temporarily disorients intruders and alerts unwanted traffic to steer clear of restricted areas.

  • Turnkey Integration

    Connect to existing fiber, wireless, or IP networks and with VMD, radar, UGS, or other trigger sensors for powerful "slew-to-cue".

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Export Restrictions

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