Dual Channel Day/Night Thermal Biocular

FLIR Recon B2-FO

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The Recon B2-FO Multisensor Biocular combines long range imaging and target geolocation in a compact, portable, lightweight package. Delivering crisp, clear thermal and visible imagery for target identification at maximum standoff, the Recon B2-FO gives Forward Observers the flexibility and performance required on today’s battlefield.

Unmatched range performance and imagery

  • Powerful Multi-sensor Capability

    Features a 640x480 cooled InSb MWIR and color CCD camera (additional uncooled sensor and stabilization available) for superior day/night operation.

  • Flexible Display Views

    Split-screen display, two fields-of-view, perfectly matched zoom settings, GPS, DMC compass, and laser rangefinder for short, medium, and long-range reconnaissance.

  • Light Yet Rugged

    At 8.7 lbs with batteries, the Recon B2-FO reduces operator fatigue for long duration missions without sacrificing MIL-STD-810-F hardening.

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FLIR Recon B2-FO