Thermal Biocular with Thermal and EO sensors, Laser Pointer and Laser Rangefinder

FLIR Recon B9-FO

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The Recon® B9-FO is a ruggedized dual channel thermal biocular that incorporates a large format high sensitivity thermal imaging camera, continuous zoom color CCD channel, GPS, DMC, long range laser range finder (LRF) and target geo-location.

Handheld IR and EO imaging

  • Powerful Range Performance

    640x480 LWIR sensor helps operators see more at night and through obscurants. Continuous zoom daylight camera discerns more farther away.

  • Internal DMC, GPS and More

    Integrated digital magnetic compass, global positioning, and laser rangefiner helps operators determine target and communicate target location.

  • Light Yet Rugged

    At 5.5 lbs (batteries included), the Recon B9-FO reduces operator fatigue for long duration missions without sacrificing MIL-STD-810-F hardening.

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FLIR Recon B9-FO