Proven VTOL Small UAS Platform

SkyRanger™ R60

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With over 100,000 hours of service the SkyRanger R60 sets the standard for real-time, secure, aerial intelligence across a wide range of mission-critical applications from clandestine tactical missions, to search and rescue operations, to commercial inspections and more. The R60 is deployed with over 20 militaries and in use with public safety and industrial operators in over 30 countries.

Proven Aerial Intelligence

  • Advanced Imaging Payloads for Long-Range ISR

    Infrared and zoom imaging payloads deliver electro-optical and infrared imagery and video for versatility in day or night missions.

  • Secure and Interoperable All-Digital Networking

    R60’s all-digital AES-256 encrypted data link with STANAG 4609 embedded metadata, enables interoperability with a wide range of C2 applications.

  • Simple Tablet-Based Mission Control Software

    Automated flight planning and simple touchscreen controls require minimal training. A single operator can control multiple R60 aircraft.

Aircraft 2.4kg (5.3lbs) – Airframe, arms, legs, batteries, no payload; Standard Pack 5kg (11lbs) – Aircraft, Base Station, HDZoom 30
HDZoom 30: 30x optical 60x digital; EO/IR MK-II: 4x digital
Data Link
915MHz, 922MHz, 1380MHz, 2.4Ghz + other frequencies
Radio Range
3km (1.86 miles) with standard base station; 10km (6.21 miles) with directional antenna
Mission Data
AES 256 bit encryption with secure key exchange
Launch Time
3-5 minutes
-30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
65kph sustained, 90kph gusting (40mph, 55mph)
Weather-rated to IP-53
Imaging & Optical
Field of View
HDZoom 30: 68.6° to 2.6°(30x), 1.3° (60x); EO: 58°; IR: 45° (13mm) or 32° (19mm)
Video Resolution
HDZoom 30: 1080p60 H.264 HD recorded; EO/IR MK-II: 640 x 512, 8.33 FPS H.264 recorded
60cm (23.6in) from motor mount to motor mount
Day Imager
HDZoom 30, EO/IR MK-II
Night Imager
Image Stills
HDZoom 30: 20 megapixels (5184 x 3888 pixels); EO: 13 megapixels (4192 x 3104 pixels); IR: (640 x 512 pixels)
Video Metadata
Embedded STANAG 4609 KLV metadata
Maximum Speed
Ground speed 50kph (31mph)
Typical Endurance
30-50 minutes
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Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

The information contained in this page pertains to a dual use product controlled for export by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Diversion contrary to US law is prohibited. US Department of Commerce authorization is not required prior to export or transfer to foreign persons or parties unless otherwise prohibited.

SkyRanger™ R60