Premium Aerial Thermal Imaging

Zenmuse XT Premium Aerial Thermal Imaging

Model: Zenmuse XT
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Zenmuse XT makes thermal imaging from the air easier than ever. Perfectly integrated, Zenmuse XT combines DJI’s gimbal expertise and image transmission with FLIR’s industry-leading thermal imaging technology. Available in two thermal resolution options, Zenmuse XT is compatible with the DJI Inspire 1 and Matrice 100, 200, and 600 series, providing the ultimate thermal imaging experience for whatever your drone application may be.

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  • Integrated high-resolution thermal imaging

    Choose a 640 x 512 or 336 x 256 FLIR thermal camera that integrates seamlessly with DJI’s incredible drone platforms.

  • Complete camera control

    The DJI Go app provides real-time control of color palette selection, level and span, video and still capture, and more.

  • Mission-ready aerial thermal imaging

    Easy to inspect, search, or explore from the air, XT is ideal for firefighting, SAR, infrastructure thermal imaging and more.

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103 mm x 74 mm x 102 mm
Exportable Frame Rates
7.5 Hz NTSC; 8.3 Hz PAL
Pixel Pitch
17 µm
Scene Range [high gain]
640 × 512:-13° to 275°F (-25° to 135°C), 336 × 256:-13° to 212°F (-25° to 100°C)
Scene Range [low gain]
-40° to 1022°F (-40° to 550°C)
Spectral Band
7.5 - 13.5 µm
Spot Meter
Temperatures measured in central 4×4
Thermal Imager
Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
270 g
Electrical & Mechanical
File Storage
Micro SD Card
Environmental & Approvals
5% to 95%
Non-Operating Temperature Range
-22° to 158°F (-30° to 70°C)
Operating Temperature Range
14° to 104°F (-10° to 40°C)
Temperature Shock
Imaging & Optical
Analog Video Display Format
720 × 480 (NTSC); 720 × 576 (PAL)
Angular Vibration Range
± 0.03°
Color and Monochrome Palettes (LUTs)
Digital Detail Enhancement
Digital Zoom
640×512: 2x, 4x, 8x ,336×256: 2x, 4x;
FPA & Digital Video Display Formats
640 × 512; 336 × 256
Full Frame Rate
640 × 512:30 Hz (NTSC) 25 Hz (PAL), 336 × 256:30 Hz (NTSC) 25 Hz (PAL)
Image Optimization
NTSC/PAL (field switchable)
Photo Format
Polarity Control [black hot & white hot]
Sensitivity [NEdT]
<50 mK at f/1.0
Video Format
Controllable Range
Tilt:+35° to -90°; Pan:±320°; Roll:±15°
Mechanical Range
Tilt:+45° to -135° Pan:±320° Roll:±45°
Max controllable speed
Video & Recording
Video Resolution
4K Ultra HD: 3840×2160 29.97p FHD: 1920×1080 29.97p

Zenmuse XT Premium Aerial Thermal Imaging - Model: Zenmuse XT

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