FLIR DELTA Thermal Drone Scavenger Hunt


Hey drone operators!

Join in the FLIR Thermal Drone Scavenger Hunt quickfire event.

Here are the details:
1) Fly any drone with any FLIR Thermal camera
2) Choose five (5) subjects from the list below and submit a photo from each of those subjects: Roof, Animal, Person, Car, Fire hydrant, Solar panels, Lawn
3) Photos must be date stamped within the date range of this event.

Safety matters!

Please follow all drone laws and regulations. This is for fun, please do not take any undue risks for this event.

Randall Warnas and Brett Kanda will be judging the submissions. The criteria for winning and prizes are:

  • 1st place winner will receive a free ITC sUAS Level I Class for submitting the best group of images
  • Three runners up will receive a FLIR DELTA Challenge Coin
  • The operator that finds the most interesting fault, as determined at the discretion of the judges, will receive a FLIR ONE Pro

Start date: 6/4/20

End date: 7/2/20

Winner will be announced via the FLIR Facebook page on 7/3/20.

Complete the form on this page to officially enter and you will be led to a Box folder for image submission.

NOTE: When you get to the Thank You message, click "link to download" to submit your images.

Thermal Drone Scavenger Hunt Terms and Conditions



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