Disappearing Temperature Measurement Tools

I have been using Reporter 7 for some years now and the Word Templates I constructed have several measuring tools (containing formulas etc) on the IR image that I regularly use. This enables me to construct a report of say 30 pages with different IR images on each page and each page containing the measurement tools  found on the template. 

When I make a similar template in Reporter 8.3 (including the temperature measuring tools on the image) I lose all those measuring tools on each image after the report is generated with the report wizard. This is very time consuming when you have a 30 page report with measurement tools to create and also corresponding formulas to link with the tools. Am I missing something here with Reporter 8.3 or is this a shortcoming with this new application? 

I recommend that you resave your Reporter 7 templates in Reporter 8.3 (if you haven't done this already) before using them in report generation. Just open your templates and save them again in Word (Save as *.DOT). That might do the trick. It is possible to use measurement tools in Reporter 8.3 templates.

The crucial thing to remember is to check the 'Pre-defined measurement symbols and isotherm'. Right click on the IRViewer select Settings... and select the Preferences tab.  

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