Do you have a general specification for the power input/output requirements of the A320 & A325?

Power Suppply EA1050F -120

Input Voltage: 100 TO 240 +10 Vac FULL RANGE
Input Frequency: 47 TO 63 Hz
Input Current: 1.2 A MAX., AT 115Vac FULL LOAD 
0.6 A MAX., AT 230Vac FULL LOAD
Efficiency: 80% typ. At full load, (cv mode), nominal line
Inrush current: 40A max. At 115vac cold start 
80A max. At 230vac cold start
Hold up time: 8.3ms full load, nominal line
Configuration: 3-wire input ac line(line ,neutral,fg)
Input fuse: The hot line side of the input shall have a fuse
Line regulation: The maximum voltage change on dc output shall be within tolerance when ac input voltage varies within the range specified in 100 TO 240 +10 Vac FULL RANGE
Input protection device: An adequate internal fuse on the ac input line shall be provided
Power line noise: The power supply will have an on board ac filter that will meet conducted noise 
specifications of FCC and CISPR
Hi-pot tests: Primary-secondary 4.242kvdc for 3 secs (leakage current 10ma)
Insulation resistance: Insulation resistance shall be more than 100mohm at 500vdc between primary line, neutral line and secondary
DC Output  
Output voltage: +12 Vdc
Output current MIN.: 0
Output current MAX.: 3.0 A 36W
Regulation: 11.4-12.6 Vdc
+/-5% excursion for 50% - 100% or 100%-50% load change of dc output at any 
frequency up to 1khz (duty 50%)
Ripple noise: Ripple noise The power supply shall not exceed the following limits on the indicated voltages for 60hz or 50hz ripple , switching frequency ripple and noise and dynamic load variations measured with a 20mhz bandwidth
Ripple/noise: 60hz ripple + switching ripple and noise are measured at the end of output cables which are added a 0.1uf ceramic capacitor and a 47uf electrolytic capacitor 2-4 over current protection (over power protection). The power supply shall not be damaged by a over current from the output to return line
Output voltage: +12 Vdc
Min. ---
Max. 7.0A
Overvoltage protection: 16V max. (Output clamped with zener diode, do not test with external 
Short-circuit protection: A short circuit place at any output will cause no damage to this adapter
Open circuit protection: When primary power is supplied with no load on any output level,no 
damages or hazardous conditions should occur
Stability: 2% max. At constant load with constant input (after 30 minutes of operation)
Drop-out(power line disturbance): Output voltages shall remain within the specified regulation range , through the absence of a line input during ½ cycle, at full load and line input
Voltage isolation: The dc ground will be isolated from the ac neutral and ac line
Cooling: Cooling shall be neutral convection cooling ,the power supply must be capable of operation when mounted either vertically or horizontally according to the mechanical drawing
Continuity: 100m ohm max. At 25A
Leakage current: 0.75mA max.
Power Led Green
Operation: 0 to 40 C°
Storage: 20 to 85 C°
Operation: 89%
Storage: 90%
No evidence of any mechanical or functional damage after the Vibration and shock testing.
Shipping vibration: This ac adapter may be vibrated in the three mutually perpendicular axes of 0.5mm displacement peak to peak at 2 to 55 to 2hz7 minutes per cycle for a duration of 30 minutes.
Shipping shock: This ac adapter in the shipping package may be dropped 8 times from a height of 900 mm
Operation: 10 000 feet
Storage: 40 000 feet
EMI/EMC requirements: The radiated and conducted emissions of this ac adapter complies with the requirements of the FCC part 15 class B EN 55022 class B
Reliability: The power supply shall be designed and produced to have a mean time between failures(mtbf) of 30000 operating hours at 90% confidence-level while operating under the following conditions test condition input vol. 220vac and 40 pcs of units for 30 days burn-in at full load and 40 ambient without failure
Mechanical features
Mounting connector cable: 1200+/-30mm
Weight: Power ass’y 253 grams
Safety Approval: This ac adapter is designed to meet by following standards 
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