What Digital I/O & Power Connector is there for A320 / A325 (A320G)?

Digital I/O Connector 1827745 MC 1,5/ 6-STF-3,81

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Plug component, nominal current: 8 A, rated voltage: 160 V, pitch: 3.81 mm, no. of positions: 6, type of connection: Screw connection

NOTE: The figure shows a 10-position version of the product

Power Connector 1777989 MSTB 2,5/ 2-STF-5,08

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Plug with screw flange, nominal current: 12 A, rated voltage: 250 V, pitch: 5,08 mm, no. of positions: 2, type of connection: Screw connection


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Digital I/O Connector 1827745
Power Connector 1777989

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