FLIR machine vision software and firmware version numbering systems

Last Revision Date: 5/23/2017

This article describes the version numbering scheme used for all our software and firmware. For information on determining the version of the firmware on your camera, see "Determing my camera's firmware version."

Software and firmware versions are indicated by four sets of numbers separated by periods, for example,

Blackfly S firmware

<Branch Creation Date>.< Branch Number>.<Build Number>.<Release Number> e.g., 1603.0.16.1

    • The date indicates the year and month, written as YYMM, e.g., 1603.
    • The release number refers to the packaging of the firmware with the documentation and does not reflect a change in functionality. The following two versions are functionally identical:
      • 1603.0.16.1
      • 1603.0.16.5

FlyCapture2 software, other firmware and SDKs (excluding Blackfly S)

<Major Revision>.<Minor Revision>.<Type of Release>.<Build Number> 

Type of Release indicated whether it is Alpha, Beta, Release candidate or Release. This is shown as:

    • 0 = Alpha—instituted for quick bug fixes and new functionality. Generally, Alpha releases are not made public. Upon request, they are emailed to knowledgeable users.
    • 1 = Beta—functionally complete and tested both internally and by Alpha users. Source code documentation is complete and memory leaks and other similar problems have been solved. These releases are posted to the website in addition to the previous major release of software and are intended for knowledgeable users.
    • 2 = Release Candidate—The difference between the Release Candidate standard and the Release standard is the amount of testing and the delivery mechanism. Release Candidates are posted to the website as required, are designed for new users and fully supported. The release includes fully functional libraries, examples and installation scripts.
    • 3 = Release—Software meets the Release standard when it has completed all internal testing. The release includes fully functional libraries, examples and installation scripts.

Spinnaker SDK


  • MAJOR: version change that can include incompatible API changes,
  • MINOR: version change that adds functionality in a backwards-compatible manner,
  • PATCH: version change with backwards-compatible fixes.
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