Unresolved external symbol" link error when compiling projects with our SDKs

Last Revision Date: 3/28/2016

Many customers want to create their own custom software applications that link to our SDK dynamic link libraries (.dlls) and library (.lib) files. For example, some customers may want to create MFC-based applications that link to our libraries, such as pgrflycapture.lib and pgrflycapture.dll.

A common error that can occur when compiling these applications is shown below:

MyFlyCaptureApp.obj: error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol
Debug/MyFlyCaptureApp.exe : fatal error LNK2001: 1 unresolved external 
Error executing link.exe

This can occur when the application (e.g., MyFlyCaptureApp) code cannot find the library containing the function definitions (flycaptureInitialize() in this example).

To resolve this error, make sure that the project links to the appropriate libraries. For a Microsoft Visual Studio project, configure the link settings in the project settings window by modifying the Object/library modules in the Link tab (add Flycapture2.lib for the example above). Specify the path for the location of the library file by modifying the Additional library path in the Input category of the Link tab.

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