Camera Calibration Technical Data

All FLIR infrared cameras are precision instruments that are factory calibrated to record the best possible thermal images and non-contact temperature measurements. Moreover, electronic stabilization circuitry helps maintain this calibration as temperature varies. Nevertheless, electronic component aging over time can cause calibration shift. This means that your FLIR camera should be checked periodically for measurement accuracy, and recalibrated as needed. We recommend this be done annually.

Standard Calibration

FLIR is dedicated to helping our customers succeed in all their IR projects. We are the world’s largest infrared camera manufacturer, operating service facilities in the U.S. and Europe to help our customers keep their cameras in peak operating condition. A crucial part of our service offering is camera calibration to ensure measurement accuracy.

The Quality Management Systems of FLIR are certified to comply with ISO 9001:2008. This applies to the entire company, including all service and calibration facilities.

Each FLIR camera model requires a unique calibration procedure, with calibration constants and related functionality stored in a camera’s firmware. Our Standard Calibration service provides assurance that a customer’s camera meets its published calibration and accuracy specifications. To ensure accuracy, this service utilizes traceable reference standards maintained by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). A Standard Calibration certificate/statement is provided with most new cameras and all service calibrated cameras. This economical calibration service is recommended for customers that do not require detailed before and after measurement data.

Extended Calibration Certificate with As-Received/As-Returned Data

When before and after calibration measurement data is required by a customer, FLIR offers an Extended Calibration Certificate. An Extended Calibration Certificate with data offers customers the same quality NIST traceable calibration as the standard calibration, but also provides a measurement data report. A calibration certificate with “as-received” and “as-returned” measurement data is typically required by camera users involved in critical projects where they need supporting documentation on the calibration measurements. Currently, an Extended Calibration Certificate is offered by FLIR as an option, as shown in our 14-Point Inspection & Calibration Program.

Certificate of Compliance

This is another type of certification that states a camera was tested and its measurements were found to be within specified accuracy (tolerance) limits. Certificates of compliance are supplied by FLIR as an option with new IR cameras when specifically requested by a customer.

FLIR Service Center Location

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