Does FLIR offer discounts for educational institutions?

In general, discounts are not available for FLIR's OEM products. FLIR’s policy is to implement a uniform and consistent price structure that treats all customers equally and fairly. This policy results from the fact that many of the company’s customers are U.S. Government agencies and branches of the military. FLIR’s government contracts often contain a “most favored customer” clause, whereby FLIR guarantees that it does not sell the same product in identical quantities at lower prices to anyone other than the U.S. Government. Providing a lower price to a commercial (or educational) customer could result in FLIR being liable to lower the price on future government sales, and to refund the difference in price on current government contracts.

A few exceptions to this policy have been made in cases where FLIR cameras have been used  or are being used  in semi-permanent science displays at museums and similar public venues. Some price negotiation may be justified in exchange for promotional consideration to FLIR. An example is shown of an exhibit at the Tech Museum in San Jose, CA.


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