Important Notice concerning Alpha NIR part number 412-0109-07

This version of Alpha NIR camera was developed for and sold to a company – Cardio Optics – to be used for a specific medical imaging procedure. This special version of Alpha NIR camera was given a unique part number, 412-0109-07. About 55 of these cameras were built and delivered to Cardio Optics during 2004-2005. These cameras differed from the standard Alpha NIR (p/n 412-0007-00) in the following ways:

  • The thermo-electric cooler (TEC) setpoint was 30°C, vs. 0°C for the standard version;
  • There are 3 tapped holes in the front cover for the customer's fiber optic catheter attachment;
  • Special non-uniformity compensation (NUC) tables were stored into camera memory at the factory.

In December 2005, Cardio Optics filed for bankruptcy and placed its assets up for sale. These assets included most or all of the custom Alpha NIR cameras. A company specializing in liquidating assets of bankrupt companies named Sherwood Associates (Sherwood) acquired the custom Alpha NIR cameras and resold them to Infrared Cameras Inc., or ICI. The Alpha NIR cameras have been re-branded as ICI NIR infrared cameras.

Sherwood was cautioned that FLIR would not be liable for servicing or support of this model of Alpha NIR, and that they should, in turn, advise any person or company who might buy any or all of these cameras accordingly.

Sherwood was also advised that all versions of Alpha NIR are ITAR-controlled, and that they therefore must abide by all export laws and regulations of the United States, including, without limitation, the ITAR. Further, that export or re-export of the Alpha NIR is not allowed without authorization from the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) of the Department of State.

In addition, per § 122.1 of the ITAR, FLIR advised Sherwood that any person in the U.S. who engages in the business of either manufacturing or exporting defense articles or furnishing defense services is required to be registered with the DDTC.

If you own or are considering the purchase of an 'ICI NIR' camera, please be aware that FLIR does not provide support for this product. More importantly, ICI gives no indication about the ITAR-controlled nature of the Alpha NIR, or the fact that this type of camera cannot be exported or re-exported outside the U.S. without a validated export license from the Department of State. Violations of the ITAR are extremely serious and can result in fines, debarment, and criminal sanctions.

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