What is the sensitivity of Tau cameras in Watts per m^2 ?

The reported Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NEdT) for a Tau 320 camera is <50mK at f/1.0. This can be translated to change in power per unit area to yield that the minimum resolvable change in flux is <0.14 watts / sq meter at f/1.0.

Note that this calculation makes the following assumptions:

·        An entire pixel is filled with the target.

·        The target temperature is ~300K with unity emissivity.

·        Medium of space neglects atmospheric attenuation and is independent of distance as long as the pixel is filled.

·        The f/# of the lens is 1.0. Any f/# can be calculated by multiplying the result by (desired f/#)^2.

·        Only signal between 7.5 and 13.5 microns will reach the detector.

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