Expand Your Infrared Knowledge at a FLIR Lunch and Learn Seminar

FLIR invites you to a free Lunch & Learn seminar to learn important and useful facts, techniques and tips that will help you become an even better thermographer. Hear about IR's growing list of valuable applications. And see first-hand how new developments in thermal camera technology are streamlining infrared inspections more than ever. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

FLIR with MFE FREE Thermal Imaging Lunch & Learn - Pasadena, TX

Please join FLIR Systems and MFE for a complimentary optical gas imaging (OGI) session. This casual and interactive open house event will focus specifically on the FLIR GF77-FLIR’s groundbreaking uncooled infrared camera that visualizes methane emissions in real-time for faster, more efficient gas leak inspections.

Learn about:

  • Optical Gas Imaging advancements
  • How to improve gas leak detection surveys
  • How to improve overall safety
  • Benefits, applications and key features of the FLIR GF77
  • Hands-on product demonstration

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