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FLIR Recon B2-FO

Dual Channel Day/Night Thermal Biocular

FLIR Recon B9

Thermal Biocular with Thermal and EO sensors

FLIR Recon B9-FO

Thermal Biocular with Thermal and EO sensors, Laser Pointer and Laser Rangefinder

FLIR Recon M18

High Performance Thermal Pocket Scope

FLIR Recon V

Thermal Binocular with EO, Laser Rangefinder and Laser Pointer

MilSight HISS

Long Range Thermal Weapons Sight

MilSight LIRC

High Performance LWIR for Military Vehicles

MilSight M36

Advanced Thermal Imaging Sight for Military Vehicles

MilSight S135 Magnum Universal Night Sight (MUNS)

AN/PVS-27 Magnum Universal Night Sight

MilSight S140-D

Dual Band Image Intensified & Thermal Weapon Sight

MilSight T105 Universal Night Sight (UNS)

AN/PVS22 Universal Night Sight

MilSight T90 Tactical Night Sight (TaNS)

Tactical Night Vision Sight

ThermoSight BIRC

Thermal Sight for BILL 2 Wire-Guided Anti-Armor Missile Systems

ThermoSight BORC

Thermal Sight for RBS 70 Laser Beamriding Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems

ThermoSight FTI

Forward Observer Thermal Imager for the FOI2000 Artillery FOS

ThermoSight HISS-XLR

Long Range Cooled Thermal Sniper Sight

ThermoSight RWS-M

Remote Weapon Station Thermal Sight

ThermoSight T70

Advanced Combat Thermal Sight for Long and Short Ranges

ThermoSight T75

Advanced Clip-on Thermal weapon sight for warfighter