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Bi-ocular Thermal Camera

The FLIR BHS-Series biocular camera uses cutting-edge thermal imaging technology that makes images from differences in heat, giving law enforcement officers a clear tactical advantage, day and night. Officers see more and see farther with thermal compared to other night vision technologies. Plus, FLIR’s wide range of tactical optics is combat-proven to keep officers safer. The FLIR BHS-Series is a must for extended patrols, covert surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, and high-threat security missions.

FLIR Breach® PTQ136

Multifunctional Thermal Imaging Monocular

Built for the rigors of law enforcement, the FLIR Breach PTQ136 spots the heat of suspects and objects in total darkness. Featuring the new FLIR Boson core and a compact design, the FLIR Breach offers unmatched tactical awareness. Weighing only 7.4 ounces (210 grams), the FLIR Breach can be concealed in a pocket or mounted to a helmet with its mini-rail feature, while adding minimal weight to officers’ heavy gear. Additional features include onboard recording and seven palettes for fast detection of suspects or evidence, day or night.

FLIR HS-Series

Tactical Handheld Thermal Monocular

Law enforcement officers can see in total darkness with the FLIR HS-Series handheld thermal monocular. Using the same military technology found in airborne law enforcement units, the H-Series gives officers the superior tactical advantage they need to make quick decisions, improve officer safety, and maximize mission capabilities.


Tactical Handheld Thermal Monocular

The FLIR LS-X and LS-XR handheld thermal monoculars are designed for the men and women who serve and protect. This powerful, easy-to-use imager gives officers the tactical advantage when pursuing suspects, looking for evidence, or conducting search and rescue. The LS-X and LS-XR feature high resolution displays, extended zooming capabilities, and video output. Whatever you need to see, find it with the FLIR LS-X and LS-XR.