Traffic Detection Systems

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Thermal fire sensor for rolling stock

The FLIR RSX-F is an intelligent sensor which uses thermal and visual imaging for advanced fire detection, seat occupancy detection and CCTV monitoring. The compact and discrete design allows for easy and flexible installation even when limited space is available.


Vehicle presence sensor

FLIR TrafiCam is a vehicle presence sensor that combines a CMOS camera and a video detector in a single unit. FLIR TrafiCam detects moving and stationary vehicles at signalized intersections. Via detection outputs or via IP protocol, vehicle presence information is transmitted to the traffic controller so that signal timing can be adjusted dynamically. This way, vehicle waiting time at traffic lights is reduced and traffic flows are optimized.

TrafiCam x-stream

Vehicle presence and data collection sensor

TrafiCam x-stream combines a CMOS camera and video detector in one unit. TrafiCam x-stream sensors detect and monitor moving and stationary vehicles at signalized intersections and collect traffic data at intersections or interurban roads. Via detection outputs or via IP protocol, vehicle presence information is transmitted to the traffic controller so that signal timing can be adjusted dynamically. TrafiCam x-stream offers streaming video at full frame rate, to be used for traffic monitoring in a control room.


Smart City Sensor

FLIR TrafiOne is an all-in-one sensor for traffic monitoring and dynamic traffic signal control. The FLIR TrafiOne uses thermal imaging and Wi-Fi technology to adapt traffic signals based on the presence detection of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, even in total darkness or adverse weather. The sensor also generates high-resolution data for measuring travel times for different modes of transport and to improve traffic flows. TrafiOne also includes an HD video camera for additional visual support.


Video and Radar-based Vehicle Presence Sensor

FLIR’s TrafiRadar vehicle presence sensor is a combination of a video sensor and radar. TrafiRadar is typically used for stop bar and advance vehicle presence detection, traffic adaptive systems, and dilemma-zone protection and thus improves traffic safety and efficiency at signalized intersections. TrafiRadar will warn traffic light controllers whenever a vehicle is present in the dilemma zone, either extending green or red lights to improve overall safety.


Thermal traffic detector

TrafiSense is an integrated thermal sensor and detector for vehicle and bike detection. TrafiSense does not need light to operate, but uses the thermal energy emitted from vehicles and bicyclists. This enables the sensor to detect vehicles and bikes in the darkest of nights, over a long range and in the most difficult weather conditions. The result is reliable, 24/7 traffic detection for a wide range of applications.

TrafiSense2 Dual

Dual-Vision Sensor for Intersection Control and Safety

FLIR TrafiSense2 Dual combines best-in-class thermal and visual imaging technology with advanced video analytics to provide vehicle and bicycle presence detection at signalized intersections, day and night. Thermal imaging lets traffic operators see in total darkness and inclement weather. The daylight camera offers additional visual verification for such incidents as wrong-way drivers and animal crossings. In addition, FLIR's analytics capture accurate traffic data, making FLIR TrafiSense2 Dual ideal for real-time traffic management in urban environments.