Quasar Hemispheric Mini-Dome

Immersive 360° surveillance camera

The FLIR Quasar Hemispheric Mini-Dome camera provides an immersive, 360° real-time and forensic experience using the FLIR United VMS ControlCenter. With an indoor/outdoor vandal-resistant housing—coupled with two-way audio, IR-illumination and I/O interface—the Quasar Hemispheric camera is fully featured to address a wide range of applications. Available in 6MP and 12MP models, the camera supports user-customized views through digital presets without affecting the recording of the complete 360° view, creating full coverage, panoramic video surveillance.

Quasar Premium Mini-Dome AI

5 MP HD and 4K UHD Network Cameras

The FLIR Quasar Premium Mini-Dome AI cameras are designed to provide advanced artificial intelligence, video analytics, and enhanced situational awareness in the most demanding environments where evidential and forensic video is required. The Premium Mini-Dome AI is a discreet surveillance option that is fully NDAA-compliant and utilizes high-end cybersecurity safeguards. Advanced features for low-light/no-light conditions ensure you will obtain excellent video quality in all indoor and outdoor conditions. Combined with the FLIR accessory and mounting ecosystem, the FLIR Quasar Premium Mini-Dome AI camera also offers seamless integration with a wide range of video management systems, giving you a more cost-effective end-to-end surveillance solution.

Quasar Quad HD Bullet

Quad HD Bullet

The Quasar Quad HD Bullet camera brings together the most advanced technologies for best-in-class broadcast quality. With Quad HD resolution and multi-shutter WDR, the Quasar Quad HD sWDR camera represents a breakthrough in resolution performance.These models offer 76 percent more detail than HD1080, with the same forensic zoom as legacy 5MP cameras. The Quad HD sWDR camera also delivers predictable storage, lower utility costs, and reducedTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Quasar Quad HD Mini-Dome

The Ariel CM-3102 camera series with Full HD 1080p video guarantees frame rates in high motion, complex and low light scenes and lowers overall utility costs and carbon footprint

Quasar™ 4K IR PTZ Cameras


With crisp 4K video resolution, on-board long-range IR illumination, and 22x or 31x optical zoom options, FLIR Quasar™4K IR PTZ cameras deliver critical situational awareness. Exceptional field of view gives operators the ability to seamlessly monitor key details throughout large areas. The combination of high-performance optics and sensors, exceptional low light visible imaging, and effortless integration with all major third-party VMS and FLIR United VMS makes Quasar 4K IR PTZ cameras an ideal solution for critical infrastructure sites and remote facilities that require close monitoring.