Reduce incidents and Improve Traffic Flow

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Incident Detection

The ability to identify and respond quickly to incidents on roadways and in tunnels is an essential component of any effective traffic management system. FLIR traffic cameras and sensors can reliably detect incidents—including collisions, stopped vehicles, and wrong-way drivers—in challenging lighting and weather conditions.  FLIR imagers can also monitor differing levels of traffic flows, and even detect a fire in a tunnel long before traditional sensors even activate.

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Automatic Incident Detection

Effective incident management depends entirely on fast incident detection and verification. In a matter of seconds, FLIR’s detection solutions can detect stopped vehicles, long queues, slow-moving vehicles, fallen objects, and pedestrians, helping prevent secondary accidents from occurring.


AID and data collection board for IP cameras

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Fire Detection in Tunnels

FLIR thermal imaging cameras allow operators to detect fires in their early stages. In case of a tunnel fire, the thermal cameras enhance the vision of the operators by seeing through smoke and detecting hot spots.

ITS-Series Dual AID

Dual-vision camera for Automatic Incident Detection

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Traffic Data Collection

FLIR’s cameras and sensors keep highways safe by accurately monitoring traffic flows. FLIR solutions can efficiently make a distinction between several levels of service: fluid, dense, congested or stop and go. Other applications include queue monitoring during road work and travel time calculations based on traffic flow.

TrafiCam x-stream

Vehicle presence and data collection sensor