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home inspection

FLIR ONE joins the movement from smart-phone to smart-case


Join Forbes as they explore how FLIR ONE® transforms the "bling encrusted" case into a useful high-tech accessory.

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Locate home-owning horrors before you buy, explore with FLIR ONE first!

Introducing FLIR ONE. The world's first personal thermal imager slides right on your iPhone 5 to help you locate home-owning horrors before they haunt you.

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FLIR announces the 2014 Vision Award Winners

Dedicated to honoring the best in tactical airborne thermal imaging, FLIR Vision Awards recognize the finest in law enforcement and video surveillance.

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Explore underwater structures with near photo-like quality

Raymarine recently unveiled some powerful new tools for chartplotting and undersea exploration at ICAST including the new CP200 CHIRP SideVision Sonar which offers better range and superior near photo-like imagery.

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Thermal imaging may mean more green lights for bicyclists

Tired of being stuck on your bike waiting for a green light? Take heart, transportation officials are looking into how thermal imaging can reduce your wait time.

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first responders

More Clackamas firefighters armed with thermal cameras

Advancements in technology and increasingly affordable pricing is helping arm Clackamas Fire with more thermal cameras, extending their vision so they can see clearer in dark and smoky environments.

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