Bicycle detection on thermal cameras

Bike detection systems are an ideal way to enhance safety and efficiency for cyclists at intersections. The Traficon VIP BIKE detection board offers high-performance bike detection for thermal cameras that overcomes the limitations of traditional inductive detection loops. VIP BIKE is suitable for any US traffic controller type.

Adapted green time for cyclists

Traficon’s VIP BIKE board analyzes images from thermal cameras in order to detect bicycles approaching or waiting at the intersection on multiple lanes. VIP BIKE provides four contact closures or serial information to the traffic light controller to indicate presence of bikes: one for thru lanes, one for left turn lanes, one for right turn lanes and one for dedicated bike lanes.

Bike counting

VIP BIKE allows to accurately assess bicycle volumes. Per phase, the traffic light controller knows whether VIP BIKE registered a dedicated trigger for bicycles. This means that it is possible to compare the total number of phases with the number of phases where bike detection took place.

Proven and tested technology

Traficon’s VIP BIKE solution is based on the company’s proven and tested VIP range of video image processors for vehicle presence detection and data collection. Traficon’s VIP boards have been installed at hundreds of intersections
across the US as a successful and cost-effective alternative for inductive loops, as they do not require any disruptive roadworks for installation or maintenance.

Visual monitoring

The IP-addressable VIP BIKE board provides H.264, MPEG-4 and/or MJPEG streaming video on thermal cameras for traffic monitoring from a remote location. Both frame rate and bandwidth are configurable.