Thermal Imaging for Ground Law Enforcement

FLIR Systems' thermal imagers are powerful tools in the fight against crime. They allow officers to see suspects in total darkness, through smoke, moderate fog, and light foliage. A FLIR handheld thermal imager allows you to see suspects, without revealing your location. If your agency already has an airborne unit using a FLIR camera, you already understand the power of this technology.


FLIR is currently looking for channel partners for our handheld law enforcement products. Please call 1-877-595-1989 to explore the possibilities.


FLIR LS-Series Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR LS-Series

The new FLIR LS-Series Thermal Night Vision Monocular is the ideal combination of portability, affordability and performance you’ve been looking for to put the power of thermal imaging in every officer’s hand.
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FLIR H-Series Handheld Thermal Imagers

FLIR H-Series

FLIR’s H-Series handheld thermal imaging cameras let law enforcement officers see clearly in total darkness, providing an undeniable tactical advantage.
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FLIR H-Series Bi-Ocular Handheld Thermal Imagers

FLIR H-Series Bi-Ocular

The new FLIR H-Series Bi-Ocular camera gives law enforcement officers the ability to see more and see farther in infrared than with other low-light night vision goggles.
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