How Grant Funding Can Help Your Mission

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Law enforcement agencies are continually asked to do more with less, leaving them with less financial resources to fund community programs and purchase essential life-saving equipment. As a result, many agencies use grant funds to supplement departmental budgets in order to achieve their goals.


Current Grant Opportunities


Grant Resource Assistance

Grants are an excellent source of money for equipment purchases such as thermal imagers. Grants take a bit of effort to research, locate, and administer but the outcome is often well worth it. FLIR is here to help you in all aspects of the grant proposal process.

FLIR is here to help in all aspects of the grant writing process from pre-proposal planning, to the application, award, and post-award accountability. The resources on this website as well as FLIR's grant consultant are all great resources to get you started on the grant writing process.

To contact our grant consultant, please go to our Grant Consultant page and fill out the form. Our grant consultant has attended several grant writing seminars, including one focused on grant writing for law enforcement and has many resources at her disposal. If you need help finding a grant to fit your needs, assistance with writing your proposal, or you just need another pair of eyes to look over your proposal before your final submission, she can be very helpful.