FLIR LS-Series Thermal Night Vision Monocular

Hardened for law enforcement and surveillance, the FLIR LS-Series Thermal Night Vision Monocular is designed for everyday use. Rather than rush on the scene with a flashlight that instantly gives away your position and only illuminates your immediate area, FLIR LS thermal imaging camera is just as portable, handy and exponentially more effective. At only 12 ounces and 7-inches long, FLIR LS is destined become an essential tactical advantage.

Download the LS-Series Datasheet




FLIR LS-Series Thermal Imaging Camera Features

All of FLIR’s considerable experience in law enforcement and military applications culminates in the FLIR LS thermal imaging camera, including:

  • On stakeout or in pursuit, detect suspects at 1,000 yards or more
  • At 12 ounces and 7 inches, LS is easier to handle than your baton
  • Select zoom, palette and laser features with one finger

Learn more about LS-Series thermal imaging features in the videos below.