Maritime Thermal Night Vision

For Every Boater

At night, what you don't see can make all the difference in the world. FLIR's thermal night vision cameras make it easier than ever to see floating debris, channel markers, and other boats in total darkness and poor weather, allowing you to navigate with confidence day and night. Don't let darkness and bad visibility drive you off the water – get out on the water and stay as long as you like, with FLIR.


FLIR First Mate Handheld Thermal Imagers

First Mate II & First Mate II MS

First Mate II & First Mate II MS put the same thermal night vision mojo in the palm of your hand that we use in our best-in-class Navigator II, Voyager, and M-Series camera systems, so you can see at night like never before. Starting at only $1,999, you can afford take thermal night vision with you wherever – and whenever – you want.
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BHM-Series Handheld Thermal Night Vision Cameras


Available with high-resolution 640 × 480 thermal sensors, BHM-Series thermal imagers are the best search and rescue tools on the water, giving you the power to search for disabled vessels and people in the water regardless of lighting conditions. With powerful interchangeable lenses, BHM-Series cameras are the most powerful handheld, battery-powered, thermal night vision cameras available, making them the right choice for use on vessels of any size, and giving you the edge in all of your nighttime travels..
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FLIR MD-Series Thermal Night Vision Cameras


MD-Series is an affordable, fixed-mounted thermal night vision camera that is easy to install and easy to use. Small and light enough to be mounted on any vessel’s T-top, radar arch, or cabin roof, MD-Series is available in 320x240 and 640x480 resolutions so you’ll be sure to get the imaging performance you need.
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FLIR M-Series Thermal Night Vision Cameras


Sleek, powerful, and effective, M-Series cameras are the most popular family of thermal night vision systems on the water. Easy to use and easy to integrate, M-Series fills in the gaps your other marine electronics miss. See more, see farther, and see better than ever before with M-Series' clear, sharp images that let you see what you're trying to miss. Such an affordable, capable thermal night vision've got to see this for yourself.
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FLIR Voyager Thermal Night Vision Systems


Voyager camera systems are powerful, stabilized multi-sensor thermal night vision systems with quad-sensor performance. Voyager cameras feature two thermal imagers – a wide field-of-view imager for situational awareness, obstacle avoidance and navigation, and a narrow field-of-view imager that can detect hazards and other vessels at long ranges – and a daylight/lowlight camera that lets you identify approaching vessels and watch for on-shore security threats. This year's model have new features like radar slew-to-cue, video tracking, and temperature indication bring you a whole new level of capability.
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FLIR MU-Series Thermal Night Vision Systems


The FLIR MU-Series is the most technologically advanced thermal night vision system available to the maritime industry today. The multi-sensor payload comes standard with a cooled midwave infrared, high-resolution 640 x 512 thermal camera; other payload options such as low-light black & white cameras and uncooled longwave IR cameras are available.
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