Thermal Security Cameras


FC-Series Security Camera
Maintain 24/7 video awareness and intrusion detection with FLIR FC-Series IP thermal security cameras, now featuring powerful on-board video analytics for standalone edge-intrusion detection, temperature measurement, and FLIR’s unparalleled 10-year detector warranty.
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SR Series - Thumb

SR-Series Security Camera
Fixed-site thermal cameras that come in ruggedized, all-weather enclosures, compatible with a wide variety of third-party accessories, making them easy to integrate. Comes in five models all with 640x480 thermal resolution.
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F-Series Security Camera
High-resolution thermal security cameras, giving you video and control over both IP and analog networks. Full 640x480 thermal resolution, giving you greater image detail, range, and analytics performance.
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Thumb - PT-Series

PT-Series Security Camera
High-performance, multi-sensor pan/tilt cameras, bringing thermal and visible-light imaging together in a system that gives you video and control over both IP and analog networks. Comes in five models that provide full 640 x 480 thermal resolution.
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Thumb - D-Series

D-Series Security Camera
The D-Series outdoor dome enclosure provides precision pan/tilt control while providing fully programmable scan patterns and radar slew-to-cue and slew-to-alarm functionality. Fully enabled for control and operation over digital and analog networks, D-Series systems deploy a 320 × 240 thermal imager along with a daylight/lowlight 36× zoom color camera.
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A-Series Security Camera
A310F and A310PT cameras are the first in the world to combine thermal and visible light video security imaging with automated safety monitoring based on the detection of temperature measurement thresholds.
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FLIR HRC Thermal Security Cameras
FLIR HRC-MS Thermal Security Cameras

HRC & HRC MS Series Security Camera
High-resolution, cooled (HRC) thermal security cameras provide TV-quality thermal video for long-range, 24/7 video security applications. Using cooled InSb detectors sensitive to the MWIR waveband and with 640 × 480 resolution, these cameras can detect small targets from extreme ranges, making them the perfect solutions for applications with long perimeters and in situations that need as much warning of potential intrusion as possible.
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Ranger III LR_XR

Ranger III Security Camera
The FLIR Ranger III thermal security camera provides TV-quality thermal video for long-range, 24/7 video security applications. It is flexible enough to provide wide area coverage and long-range, high magnification performance.
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Thumb - Guardsman

Guardsman Security Camera
FLIR's Guardsman handheld thermal imaging cameras let security professionals see clearly in total darkness, providing an undeniable tactical advantage.
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