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The Best Way to Control Traffic Signals

Standard video cameras are plagued by lots of imaging challenges – sun glare, shadows, wet streets, snow, fog – all of which can confuse the video detection software that controls the lights and cause endless false calls and missed calls.

FLIR's high-performance thermal cameras solve all of these imaging challenges, giving you uninterrupted 24-hour detection of motorized vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians regardless of the amount of light available.

Because they can see clearly regardless of lighting or weather conditions, Thermal Signal Control cameras are the most efficient, cost-effective way to improve traffic flow, automatically determine traffic volume, and control signals.

Uninterrupted Roadway Monitoring Performance

ITS roadway monitoring cameras need to give you clear information about what's happening on your roadways, and FLIR's thermal cameras for Roadway Monitoring do just that. By coupling thermal and visible-light imaging in a single rugged pan/tilt system, you get complete roadway video coverage you can monitor in real time over the internet.

Because thermal cameras can see clearly 24/7 they make video surveillance of roadways for Intelligent Transportation Systems more effective and more efficient. And, because they see farther in complete darkness, you can reduce pole and infrastructure costs. Thermal cameras let you do more for less.

Thermal cameras provide uninterrupted imaging performance regardless of the time of day or conditions.

Use FLIR's thermal cameras for:

  • Incident Detection
  • Traffic Flow Monitoring
  • Vehicle Counting