Driver Vision Enhancement System


  • Rugged design
  • Simple installation
  • Affordable price
  • Optimized for driving applications



Unique in the industry, PathFindIR is an automotive-qualified system designed primarily for driving vision enhancement (DVE) applications. PathFindIR is a hermetically sealed system, rated to IP-67, with an integrated, automatic window heater. using a 12VDC input power source, standard NTSC or PAL video is output for compatibility with most monitors or displays.


PathFindIR is intended for integration into vehicles as an aftermarket addition. A full-feature system, PN 334-0008-00 (military non-logo version SB 334-009-00) is also available for OEM applications such as maritime, military vehicles, security, and other uses that can be satisfied with basic video output and 36° field of view.


PathFindIR is based on a 320x240 thermal camera system with a 38-micron pixel pitch, and integral 19mm lens. For applications that require wider or narrower fields of view, choices of AGC levels, color, digital zoom, higher resolutions, or smaller packing volume, FLIR recommends the Tau 2  or Quark





PathFindIR is designed for commercial, over the road, automotive applications. While many other applications are possible, each user should carefully consider additional protection and installation methods that might be required for any given application. Mechanical, environmental and electrical requirements should be evaluated to assure that PathFindIR can be utilized with satisfactory results. Particular attention needs to be given to the electrical system that will power the PathFindIR as the camera is designed for the automotive 12 V DC power environment and conforms to ISO 7637-2 requirements for transients and disturbances on the typical automotive power system. If the PathFindIR is installed in applications other than commercial automobiles, additional power conditioning or protection may be required.