Laser Rangefinder

K-Series Laser Rangefinders

FLIR’s MLR-K series laser rangefinders are the smallest and lightest solid state laser multi-kilometer class laser rangefinders available. The units are compact, weighing as little as 115 grams and use less than 1.5 watts (when ranging), making them easy to integrate into handheld systems and stabilized airborne and maritime turrets. The MLR-K series are a cost effective solution for single shot ranging applications. he MLR-2K can range up to 5 measurements per second, the MLR-4K can range up to 3 measurements per second and the MLR-10K 1 measurement per second making them ideal for precise measurements on moving targets.


We also offer the custom design services and volume manufacturing to meet your specific requirements. FLIR OEM is a merchant supplier and also offers a complete line of VCSEL based illuminators, laser pointers/designators and SWIR imaging products.


Features & Benefits



Single shot ranging Get precise range measurements on moving targets
Up to 5Hz rep rate (MLR-2K Model)
Get real time measurements
Lightest rangefinders available (MLR-4K weighs only 118g)
Ideal for handheld targeting systems
Smallest receiver optics for range available Minimize face plate dimensions in your systems
<16ms ranging latency Fast range readout and track moving targets
0 meter range capability Functions as a laser altimeter
Solar background/fog/smoke compensation Improved false alarm rejection
Digitally controlled Flexible EOM integration
Low power Longer battery life
Beam divergence as tight as 0.3mrad Improved performance on small targets








  Laser Rangefinder Laser Rangefinder Laser Rangefinder


Eye Safety Class 1
Typical Measuring Range 2km, 10% reflectance, 2.3×2.3m, 23.5km visibility 4km, 10% reflectance, 23.5km visibility 10km, 30% reflectance, 23.5km visibility
Total Measurement Range 25-5,000 m 50-8,000 m 125-15,000 m
Guaranteed Minimum Measuring Range 25 m, lambertian targets 50 m, lambertian targets 125 m, lambertian targets
Measuring Accuracy +/-1m, 3-sigma, 1 km
Measuring Resolution 0.02 m
Multiple Target Detection 3 targets, 25 m seperation
Measuring Rate (Programmable) 5 Hz (<16.6ms latency) (options available) 3 Hz (<16.6ms latency) (options available) 1 Hz (<16.6ms latency) (options available)


Laser Type Diode-pumped Er:Glass laser
Operating Wavelength 1535nm
Beam Divergence <0.7 mrad 0.5 mrad typical (options available)
Transmitter Optics Diameter <12mm
Pulse Energy ~0.1mJ ~0.2 mJ ~1.0mJ
Pulse Duration ~3ns ~6ns
Shot Number Lifetime ≥ 8,000,000


Detector Type APD
Receiver Optics Diameter 25 mm 30 mm
Communication Interfaces RS-232

Electrical Parameters

Power Supply (external) 5 V
Maximum power consumption when running full rep rate 2 W
Start-up Time from powered down state <1 sec (20C) ~3sec (all temperatures)


Weight (no cover) 131g 118g 252g (tight telescope); 261g (wide div. telescope)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 34mm × 54mm × 96mm 34mm × 54mm × 89mm 35mm × 52mm × 95mm

Ambient Conditions

Operation Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature -55°C to 85°C