About FLIR Motion Control Systems

Founded with a mission to be a leading manufacturer of innovative devices and software for the intelligent control of sensors and sensor processing, Directed Perception was purchased by FLIR Systems, Inc. in late 2009 and renamed FLIR Motion Control Systems, Inc.


FLIR Motion Control Systems's patented products are used in a wide range of industries including Security & Surveillance, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Communications, Military/Aerospace, Law Enforcement, Education, R&D, Webcams, and Teleconferencing/distance learning applications, providing precise control of sensors like video cameras, thermal imagers, laser rangefinders, microwave antennas, and many more. Their flagship miniature computer-controlled pan and tilt tracking mount was one of the first of its kind, and it has been sold to OEMs and end-users worldwide since 1992.


The Company has enjoyed continued growth since its inception and has a solid foundation of team, technology, products, and partners to support continued leadership in the market. With design, R&D, and manufacturing facilities headquartered in Burlingame, CA, FLIR Motion Control Systems works to maintain strong relationships with its suppliers helping assure prompt delivery and enabling us to meet growing demand.


FLIR Motion Control Systems sells its products direct and through distributors and partners worldwide. Our management team has decades of experience in a variety of technology areas including machine vision, intelligent sensor control, robotics, networking, and control systems in commercial, R&D, and defense applications; we maintain engineering capabilities in mechanical design, electronics, and embedded and network software development.