FLIR MCS Legacy Products

Below are products that are in a limited availability phase and which have been replaced by newer models/configurations as indicated. Current and continued availability of the products listed below varies. Please check with your sales representative for current details.

  Name Replaced by: Documents
Pan-Tilt Unit-D46 PTU-D46 PTU-E46 PTU-D46 Datasheet
PTU-D46 Manual
PTU-D46 Configuration Guide
d300 standard thumb PTU-D300 Standard PTU-D300E PTU-D300 Datasheet
PTU-D300 Manual
PTU-D300 Configuration Guide
d300 ism thumb PTU-D300 ISM PTU-D300E-ISM PTU-D300 ISM Datasheet
PTU-D300 ISM Configuration Guide
d300 ex thumb PTU-D300-EX PTU-D300E-EX PTU-D300-EX Datasheet
PTU-D300-EX Configuration Guide
d100 standard thumb PTU-D100 Standard PTU-D100E PTU-D100 Datasheet
PTU-D100 Manual
PTU-D100 Configuration Guide
d100 ism thumb PTU-D100-ISM PTU-D100E-ISM PTU-D100-ISM Datasheet
PTU-D100-ISM Configuration Guide
d300 standard thumb PTU-D48 PTU-D48E PTU-D48 Datasheet
PTU-D48 Configuration Guide