Pan-Tilt Unit-D300E-HS Series

The D300E-HS is a high performance pan tilt that is part of the D300 E Series of pan tilts. It provides reliable, high duty operation in harsh environments.

  • Supports payloads up to 40 lbs.
  • Precise, real-time control of position, speed and acceleration
  • Pan speeds from 0.012°/sec to 90° for smooth control
  • 360-continuous pan (with slip-ring option)
  • Rigid worm gear design



With higher axis speeds, the D300E-HS supports applications like tracking or sensor scanning in mobile environments. It’s available with single side or dual side mount options for flexible payload mounting. Torque-speed curves are available to aid in system design and configuration.


The rigid worm gear design allows the D300E-HS to operate smoothly in windy conditions, and allows extremely precise positioning to 0.0064 degrees. The slip ring of the D300E-HS pan allows payload signals to be passed through the device, and 360 degree continuous rotation at high speeds.


The D300E-HS supports all of the FLIR MCS E Series features, including control over Ethernet TCP/IP, programmable ranges of motion, built-in Geo Pointing, high command rates, and compatibility with the PTU-SDK software development kit.