FLIR IR Camera Bench Top Test KitsFLIR IR Camera Bench Top Test Kits

Infrared Camera and Software Solutions for Saving Time and Resources

Save big and get it right. Replace the risky guesswork of thermocouples and spot pyrometers with a new FLIR Infrared Camera Bench Top Test Kit. FLIR cameras deliver thousands of reliable temperature measurements in every thermographic image. And real-time plotting software lets you chart results fast.


FLIR is now offering AX5 Series Thermal Bench Top Test Kits

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FLIR IR Camera Bench Top Test Kits:

  • Choice of FLIR E40, T420 with Integrated Daylight Camera, A5sc, A15sc, or A35sc thermal camera
  • Up to 76,800 accurate temperature measurements per thermal image
  • Includes Wide 25° and Close Focus 45° Lenses (E and T Series only)
  • On-Camera Measurement Analysis (E and T Series only)
  • Video Recording and Time vs. Temperature Plotting