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Cable BPL2 Sensor – Interface:
3 × wires via clamps (back):
2 × wires for DC power & communication: broadband over power line (BPL) and 1 × wire for functional earth

Interface Mounting:
EDGE-rack mountable
2 × RJ45 Ethernet connectors (10/100 Mbit/s auto switching)
C12S connector available on the front for SIU to ATC controller
4 × optical coupled dry contacts via EDGE connector (back, pins F/H, W/X, S/T, Y/Z)
Imax = 50 mA, Umax = 48 V DC
Close on event or open on event (setting in software)
4 × output LEDs (front, green)
Detection output 1 to 4 and common detection output 1 to 4
4 × input contacts via EDGE connector (back, pins 1, 2, 3, 10)
4 × input LEDs (front, green)
Note: maximum 20 extra detection outputs can be added via maximum five 4 I/O USB units
Detection Outputs:
64 × output states via Port-1 connector (front, SDLC) to TS-2/ATC controller

Error Outputs:
1 × optical isolated switch component via EDGE connector (back, pins J/K) - Imax = 50 mA, Umax = 48 V DC
Open on event (hardware output)
8 × BPL2 sensor status LEDs (front, bicolor green/red)
Error output and common error output

Function of Error Output:
Error output active = error in TI BPL2 EDGE B&SIU or power supply down, or
Error output active = error in 4 I/O USB with output(s) assigned (e.g. no communications), or
Error output active = error in corresponding BPL2 sensor (e.g. no communications)
Power IN:
12 V DC to 60 V DC, via EDGE connector (back, pins A/B, polarity sensitive), power button and LED (front, bicolor green/red) Separate 24VDC to 48 V DC via EDGE connector (back, pins D/E) for BPL2 sensors Note: 48 V DC on pins D/E recommended when multiple BPL2 sensors and/or long cable distances
Power OUT:
Idem power IN, via EDGE connector (back, pins P/R, polarity insensitive)
Note: BPL2 communications to BPL2 sensors added at interface level)

Power Consumption:
Interface only: typical ≤5 W (6 W peak at start-up)
Maximum, interface with periphery: <100 W @ 24 V DC

Current Consumption:
Interface only: typical ≤210 mA @ 24 V DC
Maximum, interface with periphery: <4 A @ 24 V DC
Operating Temperature Range
NEMA II specs: -34°C to 74°C (-29.2°F to 165.2°F)
Shock & Vibration
FCC: FCC Part 15 class B
Shock & Vibration NEMA II specs
H × W × D: 115 mm × 59 mm × 191 mm (4.53 in × 2.32 in × 7.52 in) Standard US EDGE rack height & depth; width = double slot
450 g (1 lb)
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