Ensuring the Health of Your Equipment

Why Condition Monitoring?

Condition monitoring is about more than maintaining equipment: it's a critical task that can ensure power keeps flowing, machines keep working, equipment lasts longer, and companies avoid breakdowns.

Every minute machines are stopped costs thousands of dollars.

Explore Condition Monitoring Applications

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With a well-executed condition monitoring program, inspectors can find the initial signs of failure in machinery or electrical systems, diagnose it quickly, and complete repairs with minimal interruption.

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Predictive maintenance on manufacturing equipment—either with handheld tools or networked fixed thermal cameras—allows companies to be proactive and make repairs before critical damage occurs. 

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Condition monitoring programs often encompass systems throughout the entire plant, from HVAC/R equipment to security system wiring. Keeping these systems active can be key to maintaining uptime. 

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Eliminating Expensive Air Leaks

Detecting and eliminating air leaks can greatly reduce the energy consumption and costs of a compressed air system. While a technician might be able to hear such a leak in a quiet room, it's almost impossible to do in factory that's functioning at capacity. The FLIR Si124 filters out industrial noises and displays a visual image of the compressed air leak, making it quick and easy to find.


FLIR Si124

Industrial Acoustic Imaging Camera




FLIR offers a range of handheld and fixed monitoring tools as well as inspection software—all designed to make condition monitoring more efficient and help companies maximize their uptime.


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