Marine Radar Scanners and Antennas


Open Array & Radome Antennas

Day and night, Radar systems from Raymarine keep you aware of surrounding traffic, hazards and obstacles, approaching weather and so much more. Use your radar to navigate in dense fog or rain. Confirm your boat’s position with super-accurate radar ranges. Let MARPA help you navigate safely through a crowded harbor. Enjoy map-like coastal detail when cruising offshore. Find sea birds at long range to lead you to the fish. Raymarine offers a wide range of radar solutions for all types and sizes of boats.

Quantum 2 Doppler Marine Radar

Doppler target tracking intelligently highlights inbound radar contacts in red, and outbounds in green. Plus, Quantum 2 offers all the same great benefits as the original Quantum radar.

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Radar Scanners for Every Boat

Marine radar systems from Raymarine are available in either open array or enclosed radome configurations. Both systems offer long and short-range detection of other vessels, navigation aids, landmass, obstructions and other targets. Open array scanners offer longer range capability (up to 96 miles) and enhanced target detail. Radome scanners are compact and lightweight. Their radome enclosures keep moving parts from snagging on lines, sails or rigging, while their smaller footprint allows them to fit on even the smallest mast, arch or hardtop.

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Magnum Open Array Marine Radar

The choice of mid to large-sized powerboats and sailing vessels, open array radar scanners deliver higher sensitivity, better target detection and improved target separation. Open array systems are available with 4kW or 12kW transmitters for exceptional performance at all ranges.

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