Acute Vision for Life-Saving Missions


Search and Rescue Solutions

Day or night, eliminate doubt and focus confidently on your rescue mission with powerful high-definition FLIR thermal vision and unmatched low-light technology helping the search.

Our high-performance solutions will help you find those in distress and bring them to safety. FLIR is proud to help save lives and livelihoods with our globally recognized thermal and infrared technology.

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Long-Range and Mid-Range EO/IR Imaging

FLIR provides high-definition visible/thermal camera solutions to fit any SAR situation, regardless of conditions. The full range of FLIR multi-spectral systems includes models with HD color and low-light cameras, laser finder and designation payloads, superior image stabilization, and compact SWaP-C models.

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Star SAFIRE® 380-HDc

SWaP-C Single LRU HD EO/IR Imaging

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Visual Augmentation

Multi-sensor thermal binoculars ensure target detection and identification for search and rescue missions, regardless of conditions. With connectivity for complete awareness, our systems are ready for your critical mission.

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Recon® V Ultra Lite

Ultra Lightweight Multi-Spectral Imager

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Find people faster

With SAR operations, the sooner search efforts start, the better the chance of a successful outcome. SkyRanger can be airborne within minutes of first responders arriving on scene. Pre-planned flight paths and Vector motion tracking enable the operator to easily fly a grid search in a given area and automatically spot moving objects. Both infrared and daylight cameras help spot people hidden in tree cover and rough terrain

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SkyRanger® R70

Advanced Multi-Mission UAS