Maximize Uptime


Professional Tools for Utilities & Power Generation

Whether it's your responsibility to maintain uptime at a power generation station, keep the electricity flowing through distribution networks, or troubleshoot failures at the residential and commercial level, FLIR has the high-tech tools you need to diagnose potential problems before they turn into expensive failures.   

Electrical Power Generation

Power generation stations depend on tools such as thermal imaging cameras, condition monitoring systems, IR windows, and more to avoid equipment failure and to maintain safety during maintenance and repairs.

Receiving & Distribution Stations

Substations require regular preventative maintenance to ensure power flows reliably. Thermal imagers with multiple lenses, cameras that detect insulation gases, and test instruments all help inspectors find and fix problems fast.

Commercial & Industrial Customers

Power failures and electrical malfunctions impact on-time delivery and drive up cost. Rugged, pistol-grip thermal cameras and all-in-one meters featuring Infrared Guided Measurement help to troubleshoot electrical systems efficiently.

Residential Customers

Electricians and service providers rely on pocket-portable thermal imagers and test instruments featuring IGM to catch hot spots, investigate failing fuses, plan repairs, and get things fixed before they turn critical.

With FLIR, we have found hundreds of potential hot spots in the nuclear power plant that could have become big problems such as electrical connections and mechanical wear.

Jeffrey Schwartz, Predictive Maintenance Lead Technician, Exelon Corporation

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 92B-4FB-894

Avoid Downtime, Increase Productivity

Catch Problems Early

The best way to keep the electricity flowing from the power station to the customer is to find potential failures points before they lead to outages. FLIR thermal imaging cameras help you find the hot spots that can be the first sign of a problem. 

Save Time and Speed Repairs

FLIR tools for Utilities and Power Generation help you perform predictive maintenance quickly and safely, so you can get right to the job of maintaining and repairing equipment.

Lost Time is Lost Revenue

Prevent costly fires, equipment replacement, and unscheduled downtime through regular maintenance that keeps the power flowing and the lights on.


SF6 Leak Detection in Circuit Breakers  SF6 leak from a transformer

GF306Finding and repairing sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) leaks allows energy producers to avoid damage to circuit breakers, avoid costly downtime, and avoid harming the environment. The FLIR GF306 optical gas imaging camera detects and visualizes SF6, so you can scan large areas for leaks and verify them from a safe distance without the need to shut down vital equipment.