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Our integrated UAS deliver unmatched security, reliability, and performance. In addition to our hands-on pilot training and dedicated customer support, we partner with our law enforcement and fire operators to build successful UAS programs that save time, resources, and lives.

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Search and Monitor Safely

Warrants, raids, barricades, and hostage situations are some of the most dangerous operations for police officers. An aerial perspective can help officers gain critical situational awareness while maintaining a safe standoff distance. SkyRanger is ideal for providing critical monitoring of any high-risk situation where decisions need to be made quickly and can remain on-station to stream live multicast video to officers and command posts simultaneously.

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SkyRanger® R70

Advanced Multi-Mission UAS




“Eyes in the Sky” Find Missing Man in Waterloo, Canada

When a 38-year-old man went missing in Waterloo, Canada, on November 19, local law enforcement turned to a FLIR remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) with a thermal imaging camera to search the area.

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