Actionable People Counting Metrics

People Counting & Tracking Sensors

Accurate counts of people entering and leaving your space allows you to improve retail store operations, run a more efficient transportation hub, and make buildings smart and more efficient.

Make impactful decisions with people counting metrics you can trust:

  • More than 260,000 installed devices,
  • Over 20 years experience in the industry
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Understand & improve store operations

Gain insight on customer experience, sales conversion, marketing campaign performance, and predict store traffic to optimize staffing levels with accurate people counting metrics.

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Transportation Terminals

Track passengers and travelers to understand how they move through the terminal to optimise layouts for commercial or traffic flow purposes

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Shopping Malls

Increase shopping mall traffic and rent levels with the data to make impactful decisions.

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Smart Buildings & Cities

Measure building and room occupancy to optimize heating, lighting, and energy requirements

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Count your customers, not your staff

For the most accurate sales conversion metrics, count only your customers. The Teledyne Employee Filtering feature automatically filters out staff wearing easily concealed identification tags.

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Brickstream Employee Filtering License

Count Customers, Not Staff