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Brickstream Employee Filtering License

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Achieve truly accurate customer counts you and your staff can trust. The FLIR Brickstream Employee Filtering feature, with its ability to differentiate between customers and staff, provides accurate customer traffic and employee counts. In Retail, this is ideal for environments where excellent customer service includes: 1) staff moving in and out of stores; 2) greeters welcoming customers; 3) the presence of security guards; and 4) and in luxury stores with lower traffic where each customer is significant

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  • Easily Concealed Staff Identification

    Staff wear or carry a small, discrete electronic tag that can be easily concealed and not visible to customers.

  • Automatic Counts

    Brickstream Employee Filtering automatically identifies and counts staff wearing tags. No manual intervention is required and there is no impact on daily staff operations.

  • Most Accurate and Reliable

    Brickstream Employee Filtering achieves high accuracy rates with a patent pending combination of tag sensor and Bluetooth technology.

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Brickstream Employee Filtering License