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Reliable Detection in Challenging Environments

FLIR thermal technology gives security professionals the power to see clearly in total darkness, glaring light, smoke, and light fog. Capturing images from heat rather than visible light, FLIR thermal imaging continuously monitors equipment and instantly pinpoints body heat. A wide range of lens and thermal sensor options make up the unrivaled FLIR thermal security product line.

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Quickly detect and deter intruders

Thermal imaging eliminates the cover of darkness, offering 24/7 intrusion detection along perimeters and throughout facilities. The unmistakable contrast of body heat within a thermal image lets operators quickly locate and resolve unwelcome threats.

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Triton™ F-Series ID

Thermal Security Camera with Onboard Analytics

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Fewer false alarms with intelligent analytics

Advanced video analytics platforms detect and classify humans and vehicles within a thermal scene. Quick differentiation between legitimate intrusion threats and animals or wind-blown foliage reduces false alarms in any weather condition.

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Thermal Analytics Security Camera